Inside the Chi Energy Instructor’s 4th Year of Training

The School of Chi Energy

The School of Chi Energy

An Overview of the Instructor 4th Year of Chi Training

  • Sifu Jones talks about the Instructor’s 4th Year of classes and why we do not list them on-line
  • Learn that it is performing your energy exercises in a precise way that is involved for a person to reach the higher levels in energy work
  • Listen to why not all Instructors that go thru the school will be allowed to go thru the Instructor’s courses unless they reach certain levels

Chi Energy Instructors:

that have gone thru all three years of School are invited to take their chi energy skills to the next level.  The Chi Energy Instructor will be shown that the energy forms they learned in the first three years, provide the foundation for the Fourth Year’s Vortex Training.

Instructors learn that it is only by going thru the first three years of form training, that provides them the ability to activate an inner vortex. It is thru regularly performing the Vortex Training and the Chi Energy Circuit Training exercises that Instructors are able to reach the higher levels in energy work.

The choice of the Chi Energy Instructor to train in Year Four rewards them with abilities that would be considered beyond the possible.  It is in this year that the Instructors are required to relax down to deeper sensitivity levels and transfer temperature control for longer periods due to the ever increasing buildup of the new energy form. They learn new ways to adjust and adapt to the more powerful overloads that can and will occur in that Instructor year.

Instructors are taught to pay close attention to the rules and discuss their training during this year with an Advanced Chi Energy Instructor due to the increased abilities, but potential bad side effects.  Only Instructors, who join the Instructor’s Forum and have gone thru all three years of our School will have access and know all the topics that will be taught in this exceptional Instructor’s Fourth Year Chi Training program.  School of Chi Energy Instructors that go thru the fourth year of chi training will have permanent access to the Instructor’s Forum at no charge.

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Grateful for the Healing Power…

The School of Chi Energy

presents a Second Year Student’s testimonial on:

Healing at Extreme Levels with Chi Energy

  • Learn how a current 2nd Year student in the School, used her chi energy to heal her own body from some nasty burns.
  • Listen to how her chi training helped her to turn a very bad situation into a healing one.
  • Listen to Sifu Cicero explain that these type of events are not unique, but are actually expected occurrences, while learning high level chi techniques.

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Best type of Foods Choices while Chi Energy Training

Best type of Foods Choices while Chi Energy Training

We get asked by our students at the School of Chi Energy what are the best type of food choices while chi energy training on a regular basis. My answer to my students is sometimes confusing at first, especially if they are first getting into energy work. I tell them that their own body will help them dictate what is good for them, after practicing the energy exercises we teach in our School.

Students will tell me later after a few months training that they were surprised to find out that what I told them was true. As their body started building up more energy thru enlarging the nerve fibers thru the regular practice of performing the energy exercises they were learning, they realized they were becoming a lot more sensitive. The energy exercises they learn to perform in the school, tend to make a person very sensitive to their surroundings & to the inside of their own body; then, as a result of this new found sensitivity they start being able to not only taste their food, but later on to feel exactly what that particular food is doing to their body.

When this sensitivity process starts happening, most people will automatically start treating their body so much better, by eating better kinds of foods. Most people are already aware they need a certain amount of protein, carbs & fat in their diet for it to run their body smoothly, so as the changes in sensitivity become real to that individual, that is when I advise them to start looking into what they are specifically eating.

Usually trying to change your diet in any meaningful way doesn’t just happen, unless there is some kind of a significant event or traumatic situation that would cause that person to make that change. When you can start feeling what you are eating, it provides the incentive needed for a person to start looking to make those changes in food habits.

Many people believe what you put into your body is going to determine what you will ultimately get out of it. We believe that is true too, but we also include as determining factors, your thoughts and the way you think about things; as the way you think will also determine how well your body will work for you too.  With that said we do have a Chi Energy Nutritionist that has provided our students with the best type of food choices that is now available for the public to view.  Please click this link to listen and find out what healthy food choices are available for the energy worker at the School of Chi Energy Nutrition page.

The best way you can help your body are performing the right energy exercises on a regular basis, along with providing your body with the proper nutrients it needs to thrive. It is much easier to reach the higher levels at energy work when you doing the things necessary to reach there in the first place. A school like this one, which specializes in getting a person to the higher levels in energy work, teaches students those key ingredients it takes to become a professional. Check out our School of Chi Energy online training and see how we can help you teach your body to reach it’s full potential.


Chakras and Nerve Fiber Energy Building

The School of Chi Energy

Chakras and Nerve Fiber Energy Building

Chakras and Nerve Fiber Building are all part of the type of Chi Cultivation at the School of Chi Energy.  Students first learn that how to perform an energy exercise to build up high levels of biophotons using their body’s own entire nerve fiber system.  Chi Students practice the daily nerve fiber building energy exercise that engages the release of biophotons from the nerve fibers which then mold into a tangible “energy form”.

Students learn how to utilize these ‘energy forms’ with the transfer of a good feeling and cool temperature into the biophotons to perform advanced abilities and healing techniques.  There are energy modalities that do teach a student how to move around their chi (liquid chi), but they do not teach this unique technique of actually forming the chi “into place”.

The School of Chi Energy teaches Students how they can build up large quantities of energy in a safe manner. Students are able to reach the higher levels in energy cultivation by learning a specially designed energy exercise called, “The Nerve Fiber Building Exercise”. Students learn these type of energy exercises in order to perform a quantum healing or extreme abilities.

Click to download this less than 20 minute mp3, called  The Nerve Fiber Building Exercise

  • Learn how students perform this Energy Exercise to increase the size of their body’s nerve fibers, which helps the body to release more bio-electricity.
  • Listen how the regular practice of this exercise lead students to have more chi projecting abilities than ever before.
  • Learn how our students avoid bad side effects through using the right approach to building up energy in their own body.
  • Find out why most energy systems don’t talk about pheromones or your body’s immune system and/or how energy work can directly affect them.

Energy Healing at the Vortex Level: To Associate or Dis-associate

The School of Chi Energy

Energy Healing at the Vortex Level: To Associate or Dis-associate

Chi Energy Training teaches how to build energy healing forms at the advanced quantum level. Most people dis-associate from the energy healing exercises they are practicing. These particular bioenergy exercises work better, the more you can associate to what you are actually doing.

Download this seminar Energy Healing: To Associate or Dis-associate during high level energy work

To associate (used as a verb) means to enter into union or to link or connect in the mind or imagination.

We teach energy healing students how to associate while performing their energy training exercises.  Our training method shows a student how to keep relaxed while associating.  Then when they perform their energy exercises they remain in a cool temperature condition.  When students associate with these specialized energy exercises a heat factor can build up.  Heat in this method needs to be cooled down.

This is why our students use the Tri-concept while doing their energy exercises.  A student learns to use a gentle focus while building up their healing energy form.  The Tri-concept helps the student remain in a cool temperature and good feeling condition while performing our high level energy exercises.  It is this type of energy form they can use in Quantum energy healings.  In psychology and psychiatry to disassociate means to have a perceived detachment of the mind from the emotional state or even from the body.

Students learn in month one the nerve fiber exercises they perform builds up the body’s nerve fibers.  They learn that the nerve fibers are located throughout their entire body. The nerve fiber system is the wiring harness, which delivers electrical messages to the muscles, vital organs and glands in the body. This is how our brain and body send information packets of electrical messages through the nerve fiber system to all our vital parts. These messages are bioenergy packets at the subatomic level which are also called biophotons.

Students develop their nerve fibers into a stronger system by practicing their nerve fiber building exercise daily.  This buildup allows for high levels of  bioenergy to flow throughout the entire nerve fiber system.  Imagine the mental, physical and emotional benefits of messages delivered throughout the body at an increased rate.

Typically, when a student dis-associates from the energy exercises, the energy can build up haphazardly causing the student unwanted side effects. These unwanted side effects can considerably slow down the rate of the bioenergy messages throughout the body. Too much heat building up in the body, can cause these electrical packets to start to send messages into the endocrine system causing a fight or flight response.

We teach the student how to avoid unwanted side effects.  Our Chi Energy students train in using the Tri-concept, which teaches the students how to use an energy form while maintaining a good feeling and cool temperature in their body.

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