Nerve Fiber Building & Centrifugal Force

The School of Chi Energy

The Chi Energy Method is the Nerve Fiber Building Method of ‘Building’ Biophotons.

The Nerve Fiber Building energy exercise is a twenty minute low aerobic energy buildup activity done in a sitting position. The NFB builds up the body’s entire nerve fiber system. When the student performs the NFB and guides this ‘form of energy’ thru a flow pattern, they build up an ever increasing electrical load capacity in the nerve fibers of the arms, legs and torso. This accelerates the release of biophotons in these areas.

It is these biophotons that are a form of light which has an electrical magnetic component. Students learn that this daily activity of performing the Nerve Fiber Building exercise increases the ability for their body to communicate electrically much more faster and efficiently. There are numerous health and advanced abilities with this type of Chi Energy Build up method.  The Advanced Instructor accelerates the process of building chi each day before arriving where vortexes in Year Four Chi Training along with other high level energy forms are practiced to build to high levels of Centrifugal force.

Below is an interesting view for those who would like to know from a Chi Energy Advanced Year Four Instructor about what took took place in the beginning thru the later years in training.

Chi Energy Advanced Instructor Karen 3/2016 Interview – The Beginning into the Advanced Years of Chi Training Part One

or download this mp3 Chi Energy Advanced Instructor Karen’s Interview.

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