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Sifu Jones talks about how one energy exercise can differ quite a bit from other type ones simply in the way they are designed.
Energy Exercises like the ones taught at the School that cultivate a lot of energy can be dangerous if not performed correctly.
Learn why it would not be a good idea to short cut the process of building up large amounts of energy, especially when you are building up & cultivating that energy inside your own body. 


A Chi Energy Practice that results in Cool Temperature Pheromones

A Chi Energy Practice that results in Cool Temperature Pheromones

Sifu Cicero recently shared an article with me that reminded me of some of our early training tips and provided me with an opportunity to perform a chi based experiment.

The impact pheromones play in our day-to-day lives was introduced early in the training curriculum. The importance of being actively mindful with regards to the tri-concept in relation to pheromones was a direct cause and effect: much like the repelling “yang” energy, heating pheromones will only burn them.

As John Donne so eloquently stated in the poem “No Man is an Island”, it is in our best interest to remain attracting to that which is good and yielding peaceable outcomes because we are interconnected. To that end, it is easily understood that burning pheromones does not produce the attracting energy that aids us in the effort of creating a synergistic win-win when engaging others. Whereas chi energy is electrical in nature, it has direct impacts on human physiology. The tri-concept takes advantage of the electrical nature of chi and how it interplays with our host shells.

This concept was recently verified in the work of E.O. Wilson. In a recent PBS special, “Lord of the Ants”, Dr. Wilson’s vast years of expertise and intimate knowledge of ants was shared with the general public.

Without audible language, ants are able to communicate, colonize, and build amazingly intricate and vast structures that rival human cities. Through the use of pheromones, ants can communicate a dynamic array of information, including: [specific types of] danger; the location thereof; food sources; even illness and lastly; death. To illustrate this point, Dr. Wilson coated a perfectly healthy ant with the pheromone that is only released when an ant dies. Said ant, although alive and perfectly healthy, was taken out to the rubbish heap by other ants and only when the any was able to completely clean itself of the “death marker” was the ant able to return to normal life within the colony.

Generally speaking, human beings do not communicate via the complex chemical signals of pheromones. Humans, as a rule, say what they mean and mean what they say. Interestingly enough, although humans do in fact communicate many vast and abstract concepts via written and verbal language, much of what is communicated between individuals is non verbal. A telephone call has a richer medium when compared to a text or an email: the tone of voice; cadence of speech and; pauses that denote thought or discomfort tell us much more about “what” and “why” when compared to a text. Body language provides an even greater medium of communication. Position of the hips, movements of the hands and nature of eye contact provide scores of information ranging from: attraction; power and influence and; honesty.

It has been documented that ovulating women prefer the scent of males with higher than average testosterone levels. Likewise, when smelling clothing (tee-shirts) worn by ovulating women, male participants in these studies were noted to have a significant increase in testosterone levels. Not many people can identify the scent of testosterone – we know it by its secondary and tertiary manifestations: sweat from physical labor; larger, more defined muscles; squared jaw line. Estrogen, likewise, does not have a scent that is easily called to mind. We know it from its secondary and tertiary manifestations: heightened flirtation and the desire to conceive. This begs the question: what other chemical markers do humans use to communicate, if only subconsciously?

The interplay for us as chi practitioners between pheromones and biophotons is synergistic. The biophotons we cultivate and emit effect and interact with everything around us; and as made mention in previous articles, the amount of information carried within one biophotons is staggering – upwards to four megabytes. Keep in mind that the average high quality digital picture is about 2-5 megabytes worth of digital storage and the average .mp3 audio file is approximately one megabyte per minute. An individual who is mindfully generating biophotons and actively programming these photons with specific information of effects, intention, temperature and emotional content becomes an influencer at the highest levels. Pheromones are not only affected by biophotons, but also carry them as a vehicle of transmission. It is as if the biophoton is hitching a ride with the pheromone. For those of us mindfully programming the information and temperature of the biophotons, this interplay is a wonderful thing indeed. The pheromone will remain cool, and the attraction effect will be exponential. Sadly, the same is true in moments when we are not mindful. The lack of temperature control will cause the pheromone to heat up – registering in the subconscious as “stinky”. Adding to that the lack of mindful programming in a biophotons in this manner, and the effect is devastating.

I performed an experiment at work earlier this week. Periodically, I would take on the mindset of “Ant Man”, and while maintaining my chi forms, I engaged the tri-concept encouraging my coworkers to communicate in a way that fostered camaraderie and respect. I encouraged engineers to have confidence, not conceit and compassion as opposed to insecurity. The outcome was favorable to say the least.

My challenge then – is to be actively mindful moving forward. Using energy in such a fashion produces a true WIN-WIN… and as the person in the room with the most biophotons, we will dictate policy, mindfully or otherwise.

My exhortation is encouragement.

Be well; enjoy the journey.
Don Brown, MSIS [Certified Instructor]

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Colors, Energy Cultivation and Wavelengths

Colors, Energy Cultivation and Wavelengths

Colors are specific wavelengths of visible light and have accompanying energy depending on said wavelength.

As your mind attempts to dial-into a specific color, so does your corresponding “healing energy”. A benchmarking is needed as to fully harness the mind’s ability to access specific colors in a repeatable fashion. This is a requirement with high level energy training to dial-in these types of precision attributes, on command and on demand, when needed; as you reach the upper echelons in Chi Energy training. It is these extreme techniques which attracted many of us to this forum will require these never-before-realized nuances of color attributes and the specific roles each color plays.

If you read the article, What Color Goes to What Wavelength, you can readily see and make a correlation to colors, their wavelengths, and each color’s corresponding energy level. Although the mind interprets “white and black” as bland attributes, the science backs the training, demonstrating that the power- the energetic properties of light- is a direct result of the shorter wavelength of colors that approach (and in the case of pitch black) go beyond violet.  It has been found that light can be frozen “Freeze the motion of light” and furthermore, Light can be stopped.  The significance here is not on the technological process that accomplishes the freezing of light, but rather, the fact itself: light can be frozen. This means that the physical temperature, the mental concept of light, as well as any color, is malleable and can be manipulated and controlled via the mind.

At the School of Chi Energy, we teach students how to build up high levels of biophotons in their body’s nerve fiber system. Biophotons, which are naturally projected by the nerve fibers of the body are a form of light with an electromagnetic component to them. At the School, students are taught how to cultivate large amounts of these biophotons in a safe way. Cultivating large amounts of biophotons without changing the characteristics of the biophotons, can electrically overload the body causing unwanted hormonal side effects. Side effects can include: an emotional roller coaster ride, with lows and highs, headaches, nausea, twitching muscles, organ pain and the inability to focus or concentrate; also possible irritability, depression or withdrawal and extreme emotions. In order to safely buildup healing energy to high levels, chi energy students are taught to build this type of energy into a “specialized energy form” with a good feeling and cooling process.

Students avoid using colors, breathing techniques and standing postures that leads to energy overloads. Students do not work with colors because it builds up too much heat inside of the body. Scientifically we have learned that colors, put off heat waves of energy that will heat up the inner body when the mind thinks about colors. In other energy methods people are able to use colors, since they are not cultivating large amounts of biophotons directly affecting the nerve fiber system like we do in our method.

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Chi Energy and Electrical BioPhoton Nerve Pain

The School of Chi Energy

Chi Energy and Electrical BioPhoton Nerve Pain

One of the more interesting things about chi energy is the fact that we can both generate and harness electricity in the form of bio electricity, which is something that is akin to playing with fire. Much like a power surge that takes place when a lightning strike hits a power plant, running higher and higher levels of current (bio electricity or otherwise), through our bodies can have unwanted side effects; however, when mindfully guided, we can change over and use this very same destructive force to enhance and improve our lives.

Recently I came across an article that reinforced instruction that Sifu Jones has given time and time again.  The article, “Pain Really Is All In Your Head And Emotion Controls Intensity” by Jon Hamilton speaks across multiple levels and depths of understanding. As previously mentioned, running additional electrical current throughout our body is generally speaking, an unpleasant proposition. The ability to control the attributes of electricity, including how it feels both emotionally, as well as by temperature, seems somewhat counter-intuitive. The feelings associated with the electricity, at least the degree and intensity thereof, it would seem, are completely and truthfully up to us as practitioners. As indicated by the title and reinforced by Sifus Jones and Cicero, our emotional content controls the intensity of the physical byproducts and impacts of the electricity we run throughout our bodies.

Although the article is packed with nuggets, one that stood out to me is noted as follows:

“If they want to accentuate pain during torture they can do this with humiliation [or] with an unpredictable schedule of delivering pain,” Linden says. “Those things will make the emotional component of the pain experience stronger.”

Referencing horrors of war, the researchers used information provided by the CIA noting that unscheduled or seemingly random acts of torture had a greater impact than that which is scheduled. It reminds me of my early days of training, when I was actively and unknowingly torturing myself with yang energy. Even then, Sifu Jones encouraged me to perform my chi training at the same time every day – it would give my physical shell a sense of normalcy and be able to relax into the training without going into shock as to what was taking place.

When training, we should also be gentle to ourselves, with our words and feelings towards our host bodies. Although humiliation is specifically referenced in the article, humiliation itself comes in many forms, two of which that are most common in our circle: self-deprecating humor and negative self-talk and thoughts. While it is always good to strive for excellence, we must become and remain soft judges, for ourselves and others, so that we have time and opportunity to learn and grow. Although the human body is by far the most advanced creation in the Universe, it is not without limits and has a learning curve. And although it can adapt to many circumstances, doing so often comes at a very high and expensive cost. By encouraging the body and gently speaking words of encouragement, we can alleviate unnecessary physical and emotional pain and maximize growth in the areas in which we are training (also see British Scientists Spot Brain’s Pain Center).

If we combine these nuggets, to perform our chi energy training at the same time every day while speaking kind words to ourselves, we will be that much more successful in making sure the energy we cultivate is good feeling & cool.

In the interim, as always:
Be well; be mindful.

Sifu Brown MSIS [Certified Instructor for the School of Chi Energy]

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