Chi Energy and Electrical BioPhoton Nerve Pain

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Chi Energy and Electrical BioPhoton Nerve Pain

One of the more interesting things about chi energy is the fact that we can both generate and harness electricity in the form of bio electricity, which is something that is akin to playing with fire. Much like a power surge that takes place when a lightning strike hits a power plant, running higher and higher levels of current (bio electricity or otherwise), through our bodies can have unwanted side effects; however, when mindfully guided, we can change over and use this very same destructive force to enhance and improve our lives.

Recently I came across an article that reinforced instruction that Sifu Jones has given time and time again.  The article, “Pain Really Is All In Your Head And Emotion Controls Intensity” by Jon Hamilton speaks across multiple levels and depths of understanding. As previously mentioned, running additional electrical current throughout our body is generally speaking, an unpleasant proposition. The ability to control the attributes of electricity, including how it feels both emotionally, as well as by temperature, seems somewhat counter-intuitive. The feelings associated with the electricity, at least the degree and intensity thereof, it would seem, are completely and truthfully up to us as practitioners. As indicated by the title and reinforced by Sifus Jones and Cicero, our emotional content controls the intensity of the physical byproducts and impacts of the electricity we run throughout our bodies.

Although the article is packed with nuggets, one that stood out to me is noted as follows:

“If they want to accentuate pain during torture they can do this with humiliation [or] with an unpredictable schedule of delivering pain,” Linden says. “Those things will make the emotional component of the pain experience stronger.”

Referencing horrors of war, the researchers used information provided by the CIA noting that unscheduled or seemingly random acts of torture had a greater impact than that which is scheduled. It reminds me of my early days of training, when I was actively and unknowingly torturing myself with yang energy. Even then, Sifu Jones encouraged me to perform my chi training at the same time every day – it would give my physical shell a sense of normalcy and be able to relax into the training without going into shock as to what was taking place.

When training, we should also be gentle to ourselves, with our words and feelings towards our host bodies. Although humiliation is specifically referenced in the article, humiliation itself comes in many forms, two of which that are most common in our circle: self-deprecating humor and negative self-talk and thoughts. While it is always good to strive for excellence, we must become and remain soft judges, for ourselves and others, so that we have time and opportunity to learn and grow. Although the human body is by far the most advanced creation in the Universe, it is not without limits and has a learning curve. And although it can adapt to many circumstances, doing so often comes at a very high and expensive cost. By encouraging the body and gently speaking words of encouragement, we can alleviate unnecessary physical and emotional pain and maximize growth in the areas in which we are training (also see British Scientists Spot Brain’s Pain Center).

If we combine these nuggets, to perform our chi energy training at the same time every day while speaking kind words to ourselves, we will be that much more successful in making sure the energy we cultivate is good feeling & cool.

In the interim, as always:
Be well; be mindful.

Sifu Brown MSIS [Certified Instructor for the School of Chi Energy]

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