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Chakra Energy Acupressure Manual and Charts

Plus, The Organ Balancing Energy Exercises

The School of Chi Energy Chakra Acupressure Manual and Charts were designed by Sifu Jones’ father Herschel Jones, a Commercial Artist, who created the Acupressure Chart and the Blue Chi Man Organ Poster back in the 1980s.  Both posters have been made available as generic downloads to anyone, who would like to use them by visiting the School of Chi Energy or clicking the link below.

At the School of Chi Energy, we teach our students how to project their bio-energy in a physical and tangible way.  The Chi Energy Cultivation Method teaches students how to perform a daily Nerve Fiber Building Energy exercise.  Thru the NFB daily repetition in a precise way, the student learns to transfer of a cool temperature and a good feeling type of emotional content into the biophotons.  Overtime the biophotons cling together with these attributes and become thick and dense while the student forms the biophotons into a specialized energy form.

Included on the page link below, you’ll find the free Organ Energy Balancing exercises which are just one of free techniques from the School of Chi Energy for the energy worker to download.  When a student enrolls they will learn how to build up this energy you’ll feel from the Organ Balancing Energy exercises with Nerve Fiber Energy Building.  They learn how to use the “Energy Formed” in many different types advanced ways and how healing techniques using ‘Formed Energy’ is powerfully unique at the online School of Chi Energy.

If you would like to download a simple two to five minute sensitivity exercise or get a copy of these above posters, visit the link: The School of Chi Energy Acupressure Manual, Charts and Organ Balancing Energy Exercises.

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