A Chi Energy Class: Using Advanced Colors with Chi Energy


Apr 17, 2013

In Chi Energy Training, students learn why they refrain from the use of primary colors while building up high amounts of biophotons in this method.  They learn that the use of dull whites, shades of grey to black to build up high amounts of biophotons (which behave like electricity) are important.  The student trains to build up biophotons in a pattern of light that requires temperature control and a good feeling hormone transferred into the biophotons during their daily nerve fiber building exercise.  They are taught scientifically how colors are interpreted by the brain that produces the hormonal\chemical response to a particular color which can fluctuate or spike their energy’s temperature range in this method.  This is why in the Chi Energy Method students learn to work with certain colors (like the white, grey to black) to control the temperature of the “electrical” biophoton energy form that they are creating.  Later in their Year Four training they learn how to use vortexes with color variances to produce different effects with their energy form for healing and extreme abilities.

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“We caution the practitioner to use them wisely – extreme techniques are taxing enough on the body in and of themselves. Constantly engaging in and drawing upon the usage of colors for extreme techniques depletes the body and will require addition [and mindful] mineral management and upkeep. Moderation is often the secret…”  Chakras and True Colors

“Did you ever wonder how the colors of the chakras found their way into our present culture?  I did.”  The History of the Chakra Colors

To read more of our class descriptions, please download the chi energy course catalog.

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