Energy Healing with Wavelengths of Color

Energy Healing with Wavelengths of Color

Colors, it turns out, are specific wavelengths of visible light and have accompanying energy depending on said wavelength.  The attribute not only fluctuates as your mind attempts to dial-in the specific color, but so does your corresponding chi.  A bench-marking effect is needed so as to not only fully harness the mind’s ability to access specific colors in a repeatable fashion, but also dial-in these attributes, on command and on demand, when needed; as you reach the upper echelons in Chi Energy Cultivation, the extreme techniques which attracted many of us to this type of training will require these never-before-realized nuances of color attributes and the specific roles each color plays.

Although the psi-related abilities, such as the concept of moving objects via telekinesis, fill many of us with excitement, it is not about the physical power or sensation of the chi. Rather, these abilities are the resultants of techniques honed to a level of expert craftsman precision.

As per the hyperlink above, you can readily see and make a correlation to colors, their wavelengths, and each color’s corresponding energy. Although the mind interprets “white and black” as bland attributes, the science backs the training, demonstrating that the power- the energetic properties of light- is a direct result of the shorter wavelength of colors that approach (and in the case of pitch black) go beyond violet.

Colors & Formed-Chi

Unfortunately, formed chi is inherently hot. In the book, why does E=mc2?, by Cox and Forshaw, we are given insight into the reason why:
“But it is no easy task to push protons together to that distance because of their electromagnetic repulsion. One way to do it requires the protons to be moving extremely fast, and this in turn means a very high temperature indeed because temperature is essentially nothing more than a measure of the average speed of things; the molecules of water in a hot cup of tea are jiggling around more than the molecules in a cold pint of beer.”

As chi is formed into specific shapes, the very act of clumping the subatomic particles creates heat. As stated above, the heat associated with this effort is also what makes it difficult to form the image- hot particles joggle about and do not stay in place.

As mentioned during the seminar on Colors, light can be frozen. The significance here is not on the technological process that accomplishes the freezing of light, but rather, the fact itself: light can be frozen. This means that the physical temperature, the mental concept of the heat attribute of lights, as well as any color, is malleable and can be manipulated and controlled via the mind.

Furthermore, as indicated in the Color Seminar, light can be stopped.  Again, the significance is not about the technological process associated with the stopping of light, but rather absorbing and integrating the concept into your Chi Energy Cultivation.

Colors & the Human Body

Like the Earth itself, each human being puts off an electromagnetic field. The medical field utilizes this fact in scan-related technologies, such as the EEG, when wanting to investigate human body without being… intrusive…

The colors associated with the Northern Lights are a direct resultant of interaction between the electromagnetic field and various ions/charged particles available for consumption. As per the link below, “blue”, for example, is a result of large amounts of a charged form of nitrogen.

The relevance is that, when we engage in creating colors via adding these specific attributes to chi, we are using minerals and fuel stores within the human body. Over time, without proper (and mindful) nourishment, fluctuating from color-to-color proves to be somewhat hard on the body. As many of you have found out, aspects of Chi Energy that the body finds less than enjoyable are areas where it does not cooperate…

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