The Law of Attraction and Chakra Color Fluctuations


May 11, 2013

Life for Chi people is the Law of Attraction
The Pheromone Difference…

Learning to build “Chi Energy” with temperature control can mold bioenergy into “Form”.  The Energy Healing Form is used for practical application that allows for the law of attraction to happen on a daily basis.

It’s a physiological result that when people burn their pheromones they repel other humans. This is why the law of attraction takes so much effort or never works. By the time they muscle and reach their desired goal they are physically burnt out.   Color is one of the ways that fluctuates the physical body’s temperature.   Without learning how to transfer and maintain temperature which controls the hormonal flow in the body, energy work becomes a double edge sword…

The mind can have wide variance when it comes to color interpretation since color is interpreted by the brain.  The vibration wavelength has multitude of variations for just one color.  One color’s hue has many temperature fluctuations that can greatly affect the way energy healing is performed.

Chi Energy students learn to build bioenergy in several precise forms which includes vortexes (chakras) in step by step way to control temperature.  They are taught to guide their cool and euphoric energy form to release attractive instead of repelling pheromones. This is the law of attractive pheromones which will influence people, places and things in the right way.


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