Training for Advanced Chakra Vortex Energy Techniques

Training for Advanced Chakra Vortex Energy Techniques

Chi Energy Healing Students training at the School of Chi Energy are able to reach the higher levels in energy cultivation by learning the specially designed  “Nerve Fiber Building Exercise”.   This exercise is a flow pattern that builds up the nerve fibers in the body to high level capacity to perform an “energy projection” for healing and extreme abilities.  When “energy” is built up in the electrical system to increased levels it will provide the advanced student the power to activate their chakra vortexes.

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Then click this link to find out what it takes to enter into the School of Chi Energy Fourth Year Training for advanced Vortex Energy Form Techniques and Healing abilities.

Chi Cultivation at the School of Chi Energy is a method that students learn to build up high levels of energy using their body’s own entire nerve fiber system.  Chi Students practice a daily nerve fiber building energy exercise that engages the release of biophotons from the nerve fibers which then mold into a tangible “energy form”.  Students learn how to utilize these ‘energy forms’ with the transfer of a good feeling and cool temperature into the biophotons to perform advanced abilities and healing techniques.  There are energy modalities that do teach a student how to move around their chi (liquid chi), but they do not teach this unique technique of actually forming the chi “into place”.

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