The School of Chi Energy Presents a Seminar on:

A Unique High Level Energy Method

Listen now or download “A Unique Energy Healing Method” mp3 seminar

  • Listen to how this energy method is different then others you might have tried.
  • Hear how our training method can get you ready for extreme abilities.
  • Check out how this way creates a precision other systems can’t duplicate.

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One thought on “A Unique Energy Healing method”
  1. Hi,

    In response to; A Unique High Level Energy Method…. I know firsthand how other methods of healing lack some of what you covered in your seminar. Over the past several years I have worked with several styles of reiki and medical qigong, only once did I have a qigong teacher mention the lacking energy build-up techniques, stating they were missing in other styles of healing, the reason behind a lack of results. He also mentioned the fact that a practicing healer should start with healing themselves before trying to heal others. It’s really common sense that the healer needs to be pure or purged of illness before working on another. Not only does the healer need to be in better shape than those they plan to heal, they must have sufficient energy levels so they do not drain themselves and become ill themselves. It’s hard for some to see the logic because they want to do good, or get started before they are ready.

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