Energy Healing and the Spirit’s Approval

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Energy Healing and the Spirit’s Approval

The School of Chi Energy Presents a Q & A

Here is a question by a Third Year Student looking for advice from the School of Chi Energy Instructors:

The student says, I need your help on a few things that I have got going on. First, I need your advice with helping a five year old child. Both of her parents suffer from asthma and various respiratory problems. The child was admitted to the hospital with a bad lung infection and blocked nasal passages.  I used healing techniques on the child while she was in the hospital and found out that she was able to be released within 72 hours.  Sifu, I want to know how to cure the girl totally.

Second, I have been asked by a friend to help his mother who is sick all the time.  No one knows how, but the other night the mother came to me in spirit form, but I could not understand her.  I felt that something was very wrong because I felt a strong negative energy around her that someone seemed to be sending her.  So, I used healing techniques on her, but she had a relapse, which is why I’m asking you for your advice on how to resolve this problem.  What do you think I should do?

Sifu Jones’ answer to the Third Year student:

We have shown you in the School how to perform healings on someone else.  We have also told you that healings are something that the individual that is being healed has to be a part of too. The person’s spirit is as important to what is happening there, as the healer, who is sending healing energy their way.

The person’s body you are trying to heal has a spirit inside them too and the spirit will determine whether they get healed or not. If you can also get that person’s spirit to agree to the healing you want to do, then the healing will take place. So, you can try to get the actual person to say they want to be healed to you if you can, but that doesn’t guarantee success that they will be healed.

If their spirit doesn’t want to be healed, that person’s body won’t be healed. God gave that spirit that particular body and you have to go thru the spirit on such things as healings. Yes, even for little kids and babies. To get the spirit behind your efforts, you simply ask their spirit too, in a good feeling & cool way. Sometimes, you will get a feeling of an answer and sometimes not. Spirit beings like us, talk in a telepathic way to each other, so you do the same to their spirit.

The main thing to do is to perform the healings by the numbers like you have been taught, expecting everything to turn out in the right way. I can usually tell if a healing will take place by how well I can see the images of the “energy form” I would guide thru a person’s body, after I have asked that person’s spirit for permission.  If I see the energy form really well the healing usually takes place.  If I don’t see the healing energy form well (no matter how hard I try to make the energy form come in really well), then that’s their spirit telling you they do not want to be healed. If their spirit decides that they don’t want to be healed, you won’t be able to help them much, no matter what you do.

A person’s spirit runs their body, it’s not the other way around.  If you do your job, just like you were trained to do, then that’s all you can do.  Not every spirit being wants their body to be healed, yet you sure can help those spirit beings that do want your help in healing. Thanks.

Sifu Jones
Chi Energy Instructor

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