Emotional Stability with Chi Energy


Nov 19, 2014

The School of Chi Energy teaches students

how to build up energy via the body’s nerve fibers.

Chi Energy, Qi, Ki or Pranais bioenergy which is made up of Biophotons, a form of light that behaves like electricity with a Quantum type of behavior…

Chi Energy Students learn in month one the nerve fiber exercises they perform builds up the body’s nerve fibers.  They learn that the nerve fibers are located throughout their entire body. The nerve fiber system is the wiring harness, which delivers electrical messages to the muscles, vital organs and glands in the body. This is how our brain and body send information packets of electrical messages through the nerve fiber system to all our vital parts. These messages are bioenergy packets at the subatomic level which are also called biophotons.

Students develop their nerve fibers into a stronger system by practicing their nerve fiber building exercise daily.  This buildup allows for high levels of  bioenergy to flow throughout the entire nerve fiber system.  Imagine the mental, physical and emotional benefits of messages delivered throughout the body at an increased rate.

Visit our Chi Energy Article’s page to learn more about the how the Chi Energy Method increases better Emotional Stability with building Electromagnetic Biophotons.

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