The Chi Energy Method Builds Up More Bio-Energy

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Performing the Chi Energy Method increases the Body’s Bio-Energy

The Chi Energy Method is it’s signature Nerve Fiber Building.  The NFB increases the body’s Bio-energy for health, healing and unique abilities.  It is this energy flow pattern performed in a twenty minute low aerobic sitting position that overtime builds the body’s entire nerve fiber system to flow high levels of bio-energy. When the student performs the NFB and guides this ‘form of energy’ thru a flow pattern, they build up an ever increasing electrical load capacity in the nerve fibers of the arms, legs and torso. This energy comes in the form of bio-photons which allow our bodies to communicate with itself or others. Students learn how to build up their body’s nervous system or the electrical part of their body. By building up the nerve fibers of the body, they start helping their body to emit more bio-photons than normal.

The extraordinary thing about these bio-photons are their capabilities. Bio-photons can be cooled, paused in space, filled with emotional content and they mass together in order to form electrical chains of energy. We show students how to by-pass the hormonal build up way in lieu of this much better & stronger way to cultivate energy using the electrical system of the body. Discover how our Bio-Energy Healing Method increases your Energy Levels for Health and Unique Abilities.

Learn from a Advanced Chi Energy Instructor what took took place their training. Chi Energy Advanced Instructor Karen 3/2016 Interview – The Beginning into the Advanced Years of Chi Training Part One

or download this mp3 Chi Energy Advanced Instructor Karen’s Interview.

Grateful for the Healing Power…

The School of Chi Energy

presents a Second Year Student’s testimonial on:

Healing at Extreme Levels with Chi Energy

  • Learn how a current 2nd Year student in the School, used her chi energy to heal her own body from some nasty burns.
  • Listen to how her chi training helped her to turn a very bad situation into a healing one.
  • Listen to Sifu Cicero explain that these type of events are not unique, but are actually expected occurrences, while learning high level chi techniques.

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A Unique Energy Healing method

The School of Chi Energy Presents a Seminar on:

A Unique High Level Energy Method

Listen now or download “A Unique Energy Healing Method” mp3 seminar

  • Listen to how this energy method is different then others you might have tried.
  • Hear how our training method can get you ready for extreme abilities.
  • Check out how this way creates a precision other systems can’t duplicate.

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Energy Healing and the Spirit’s Approval

The School of Chi Energy

Energy Healing and the Spirit’s Approval

The School of Chi Energy Presents a Q & A

Here is a question by a Third Year Student looking for advice from the School of Chi Energy Instructors:

The student says, I need your help on a few things that I have got going on. First, I need your advice with helping a five year old child. Both of her parents suffer from asthma and various respiratory problems. The child was admitted to the hospital with a bad lung infection and blocked nasal passages.  I used healing techniques on the child while she was in the hospital and found out that she was able to be released within 72 hours.  Sifu, I want to know how to cure the girl totally.

Second, I have been asked by a friend to help his mother who is sick all the time.  No one knows how, but the other night the mother came to me in spirit form, but I could not understand her.  I felt that something was very wrong because I felt a strong negative energy around her that someone seemed to be sending her.  So, I used healing techniques on her, but she had a relapse, which is why I’m asking you for your advice on how to resolve this problem.  What do you think I should do?

Sifu Jones’ answer to the Third Year student:

We have shown you in the School how to perform healings on someone else.  We have also told you that healings are something that the individual that is being healed has to be a part of too. The person’s spirit is as important to what is happening there, as the healer, who is sending healing energy their way.

The person’s body you are trying to heal has a spirit inside them too and the spirit will determine whether they get healed or not. If you can also get that person’s spirit to agree to the healing you want to do, then the healing will take place. So, you can try to get the actual person to say they want to be healed to you if you can, but that doesn’t guarantee success that they will be healed.

If their spirit doesn’t want to be healed, that person’s body won’t be healed. God gave that spirit that particular body and you have to go thru the spirit on such things as healings. Yes, even for little kids and babies. To get the spirit behind your efforts, you simply ask their spirit too, in a good feeling & cool way. Sometimes, you will get a feeling of an answer and sometimes not. Spirit beings like us, talk in a telepathic way to each other, so you do the same to their spirit.

The main thing to do is to perform the healings by the numbers like you have been taught, expecting everything to turn out in the right way. I can usually tell if a healing will take place by how well I can see the images of the “energy form” I would guide thru a person’s body, after I have asked that person’s spirit for permission.  If I see the energy form really well the healing usually takes place.  If I don’t see the healing energy form well (no matter how hard I try to make the energy form come in really well), then that’s their spirit telling you they do not want to be healed. If their spirit decides that they don’t want to be healed, you won’t be able to help them much, no matter what you do.

A person’s spirit runs their body, it’s not the other way around.  If you do your job, just like you were trained to do, then that’s all you can do.  Not every spirit being wants their body to be healed, yet you sure can help those spirit beings that do want your help in healing. Thanks.

Sifu Jones
Chi Energy Instructor

For More Information please click this link to learn how Energy Cultivation can bring out your Spirit

Chakra Energy Acupressure Manual and Charts

The School of Chi Energy

Chakra Energy Acupressure Manual and Charts

Plus, The Organ Balancing Energy Exercises

The School of Chi Energy Chakra Acupressure Manual and Charts were designed by Sifu Jones’ father Herschel Jones, a Commercial Artist, who created the Acupressure Chart and the Blue Chi Man Organ Poster back in the 1980s.  Both posters have been made available as generic downloads to anyone, who would like to use them by visiting the School of Chi Energy or clicking the link below.

At the School of Chi Energy, we teach our students how to project their bio-energy in a physical and tangible way.  The Chi Energy Cultivation Method teaches students how to perform a daily Nerve Fiber Building Energy exercise.  Thru the NFB daily repetition in a precise way, the student learns to transfer of a cool temperature and a good feeling type of emotional content into the biophotons.  Overtime the biophotons cling together with these attributes and become thick and dense while the student forms the biophotons into a specialized energy form.

Included on the page link below, you’ll find the free Organ Energy Balancing exercises which are just one of free techniques from the School of Chi Energy for the energy worker to download.  When a student enrolls they will learn how to build up this energy you’ll feel from the Organ Balancing Energy exercises with Nerve Fiber Energy Building.  They learn how to use the “Energy Formed” in many different types advanced ways and how healing techniques using ‘Formed Energy’ is powerfully unique at the online School of Chi Energy.

If you would like to download a simple two to five minute sensitivity exercise or get a copy of these above posters, visit the link: The School of Chi Energy Acupressure Manual, Charts and Organ Balancing Energy Exercises.

Chi Energy and Birds of a Feather Wisdom

Chi Energy and Birds of a Feather Wisdom

“Men of my age flock together; we are birds of a feather, as the old proverb says. “- Plato’s Republic.

An article in Wired magazine sparked a thought that resounded not only with the aforementioned proverb, but also with some of the wise council provided by Sifu Jones: training partners and the sense of “community” is important when undergoing Chi Energy training [specifically] and the esoteric journey [in general].

The concept of the “community” has evolved with technological advances.  No longer limited by distance, family and friends are able to stay connected via a plethora of networking capabilities: telephone; email; web-cams; etceteras.  Even virtual environments that form social networks provide a means of maintaining current and cultivating new relationships.  Opportunities to befriend a friend’s friend are simply a “click” away.  Regardless, however, of the nature of the relationships, up close and personal or electronic, the axiom holds true: “Birds of a feather flock together”.

“The Buddy System: How Medical Data Revealed Secret to Health and Happiness”, written by Jonah Lehrer and published in Wired documents relates the findings of Nicholas Christakis (Harvard social scientist) and James Fowler (UC San Diego political scientist).  Based upon research regarding a Framingham, Massachusetts community in 1948 that included parents, children, friends and friends of friends, the extrapolated data was jaw dropping.

Via the precision of statistical analysis and rigor, Christakis and Fowler noted some very interesting things about the Framingham, Massachusetts community that speak volumes to our everyday lives and choices we make.  For example: “In the early ’70s, 65 percent of Framingham residents ages 40 to 49 smoked regularly. By 2001, only 22 percent consumed one or more cigarettes daily. But the smoke didn’t clear at random: Friends and family had a decisive influence.”

The Buddy System: How Medical Data Revealed Secret to Health and Happiness

Fowler noted, concerning smoking, “People quit together, or they didn’t quit at all.” This buddy system of sorts carries with it significant “weight”.  The study also showed, with conclusive evidence, “If one person became obese, the likelihood that his friend would follow suit increased by 171 percent.” In essence, the data uncovered and analysis performed confirmed a truth my mother expressed to me during my childhood that Sifu Jones later hinted at for students in the School of Chi Energy: we either are, or become, the company we keep.

Anyone engaged in esoteric practices and meditative efforts knows this to be a lonely journey.  However, regardless of the end-goal, our day-to-day lives are filled with interactions and varying degrees of intimacy and relationships with individuals who may or may not have similar interests and habits.  The research performed by Christakis and Fowler should cause each of us to take a moment to pause and reflect on our lives and the people with whom we associate:

  • Are we affiliated with people who are positive?
  • Are our closest friends’ sources of encouragement?
  • Do our actions and words match?
  • Are the members of our individual networks orchestrated in such a way that we make beautiful music or a discordant and meaningless mixture of sounds?

This is not to say that we should disassociate from coworkers who are not engaged in Chi Energy.  Nor should refuse to eat lunch with friends who may be overweight, but we should, at the very least, be aware of these factors; we may, more importantly, act agents of change, should we find discrepancies within the lives of our friends and loved ones.

What is the rule when associating with others who are not like minded?

“Does this mean to be ‘wary of strangers’ and treat everyone like they’re going to poorly influence you? No.. not by my eyes and belief. Again, know what mindset you come from and give to people who could be your friends and close associations, what you’d like to be given to you. Live the Golden Rule as  You become who you associate yourself with.

Fortunately, the School of Chi Energy offers an Instructor’s forum where you can find support, positive words of encouragement and advice regarding the journey.  It is at the School of Chi Energy that interactive online training provides students with opportunities to fellowship and interacts with other “like minded” men and woman at similar stages of their journey.  This is done via conference calls; recorded Q & A sessions moderated by Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero with students and certified instructors alike; we surround ourselves with a network of like-minded individuals, encouraging one another to fly higher and further.

Be well; be mindful.

Chi Energy Instructor Don Brown MSIS [Certified Instructor]

Chakra Truths about Vortexes

The School of Chi Energy Present a Seminar on:

Chakra Truths about Vortexes

Play to listen
or click this link to download Chakras and Vortexes Questions and Answers mp3 seminar.

  • How can a person activate their own chakras? Does your school teach this and is it a safe thing to do?
  • I’ve heard you say that a person’s ability to visualize images well, will directly affect their ability to activate their own body’s chakras, why would this be true?
  • I understand why someone wants to activate their inner chakras because they want to get more power and energy from their body, but are there any other reasons to do this?
  • I went through a number of energy systems that taught you how to activate inner chakras, but after seeing how your school is teaching this, why is your method so different?
  • What’s the difference between going through the Kundalini experience and that of activating a chakra? Is it the same thing?

Chi Energy Instructors:

that have gone thru all three years of School are invited to take their chi energy skills to the next level.  The Chi Energy Instructor will be shown that the energy forms they learned in the first three years, provide the foundation for the Fourth Year’s Vortex Training.

Instructors learn that it is only by going thru the first three years of form training, that provides them the ability to activate an inner vortex. It is thru regularly performing the Vortex Training and the Chi Energy Circuit Training exercises that Instructors are able to reach the higher levels in energy work.

The choice of the Chi Energy Instructor to train in Year Four rewards them with abilities that would be considered beyond the possible.  It is in this year that the Instructors are required to relax down to deeper sensitivity levels and transfer temperature control for longer periods due to the ever increasing buildup of the new energy form. They learn new ways to adjust and adapt to the more powerful overloads that can and will occur in that Instructor year.

Instructors are taught to pay close attention to the rules and discuss their training during this year with an Advanced Chi Energy Instructor due to the increased abilities, but potential bad side effects.  Only Instructors, who join the Instructor’s Forum and have gone thru all three years of our School will have access and know all the topics that will be taught in this exceptional Instructor’s Fourth Year Chi Training program.  School of Chi Energy Instructors that go thru the fourth year of chi training will have permanent access to the Instructor’s Forum at no charge.

Click here to learn more about the: School of Chi Energy Forth Year Training