The World’s Most Powerful Energy Healing Exercises

The World’s Most Powerful Energy Healing Exercises

The School of Chi Energy has developed and are now teaching to Students the world’s most powerful energy healing exercises. Students that perform these specially designed energy exercises on a daily basis transform their bodies into smoothly running generators, as compared to the battery boosting methods most systems teach. The first energy exercise that a Student learns called the Nerve Fiber Building (NFB) Exercise actually helps that Student to grow and strengthen the size of their own body’s nerve fibers. Your body’s nerve fibers are what send all the electrical communicative messages around your body or even outside the body. With enough practice performing these specific low aerobic energy exercises, a Student can start actually feeling the buildup of their own bio-energy in a very real, physical & tangible way. From there we show Students how to affect something outside their own body area, by using this buildup of energy they can get from doing these particular energy exercises.

At the School, we also show Students how to use this buildup of energy in lots of different constructive ways. Not only are Students shown healing techniques, so that they can heal their own injuries or sicknesses, but how to do that for others too. In the First Year of Chi Training, a Student learns how to lower or raise their own inner body temperature by ten or more degrees. This is an important technique to learn as your inner energy begins to get much stronger and hotter the longer you cultivate your energy. In a strong energy cultivation method like this one, it is essential to learn specific techniques like being able to cool your own temperature on demand, so you can avoid the problems most people go thru when building up large amounts of chi energy. Cultivating large amounts of energy without doing it in the right way can cause your body problems which may include body pains, emotional instability or headaches, as well as a lot of other issues and come about when your inner temperature stays too hot for too long inside your body.

Most energy systems do not include temperature control with their teachings and if that energy system can actually cultivate energy well, it often results in their Students going thru many unwanted bad side effects. After many years of study concerning how energy actually affects your body, we have developed the proper way to send large amounts of chi energy safely through your body or that of others in order to receive the best benefits. We have learned from hands on experience the different problems a person runs into trying to cultivate large amounts of energy. Students learn from our many mistakes over the years and how we got around them, so that they can reach levels in training that a lot of people would think would be impossible to reach, especially in only a few years of training.

If you are going thru life wishing you had a way to get more usable good feeling energy into it, then you should check out the School of Chi Energy, now in it’s seventh year of operation and see how a scientific approach to building up large amounts of energy in your body would benefit you. It doesn’t take long practicing this method before you can see the big difference between this system and others that do things much differently. Go to the School of Chi Energy and see if our Energy System could be what you are looking for.  Now, after 40 years of training successfully thousands of different students from around the world in the best ways to reach the higher levels in energy work, you should put our expertise to the test and see if we can be of help for you too. As always, we provide a non-hassle money back guarantee (see website for guarantee), so you don’t have to risk any of your money trying to see if our Energy System and our super energy exercises that build up your body’s nerve fiber system will work for you.

Sifu Jones
Chi Energy Instructor

Colors, Energy Cultivation and Wavelengths

Colors, Energy Cultivation and Wavelengths

Colors are specific wavelengths of visible light and have accompanying energy depending on said wavelength.

As your mind attempts to dial-into a specific color, so does your corresponding “healing energy”. A benchmarking is needed as to fully harness the mind’s ability to access specific colors in a repeatable fashion. This is a requirement with high level energy training to dial-in these types of precision attributes, on command and on demand, when needed; as you reach the upper echelons in Chi Energy training. It is these extreme techniques which attracted many of us to this forum will require these never-before-realized nuances of color attributes and the specific roles each color plays.

If you read the article, What Color Goes to What Wavelength, you can readily see and make a correlation to colors, their wavelengths, and each color’s corresponding energy level. Although the mind interprets “white and black” as bland attributes, the science backs the training, demonstrating that the power- the energetic properties of light- is a direct result of the shorter wavelength of colors that approach (and in the case of pitch black) go beyond violet.  It has been found that light can be frozen “Freeze the motion of light” and furthermore, Light can be stopped.  The significance here is not on the technological process that accomplishes the freezing of light, but rather, the fact itself: light can be frozen. This means that the physical temperature, the mental concept of light, as well as any color, is malleable and can be manipulated and controlled via the mind.

At the School of Chi Energy, we teach students how to build up high levels of biophotons in their body’s nerve fiber system. Biophotons, which are naturally projected by the nerve fibers of the body are a form of light with an electromagnetic component to them. At the School, students are taught how to cultivate large amounts of these biophotons in a safe way. Cultivating large amounts of biophotons without changing the characteristics of the biophotons, can electrically overload the body causing unwanted hormonal side effects. Side effects can include: an emotional roller coaster ride, with lows and highs, headaches, nausea, twitching muscles, organ pain and the inability to focus or concentrate; also possible irritability, depression or withdrawal and extreme emotions. In order to safely buildup healing energy to high levels, chi energy students are taught to build this type of energy into a “specialized energy form” with a good feeling and cooling process.

Students avoid using colors, breathing techniques and standing postures that leads to energy overloads. Students do not work with colors because it builds up too much heat inside of the body. Scientifically we have learned that colors, put off heat waves of energy that will heat up the inner body when the mind thinks about colors. In other energy methods people are able to use colors, since they are not cultivating large amounts of biophotons directly affecting the nerve fiber system like we do in our method.

To learn more about color, wavelengths and cultivating energy, please visit: The School of Chi Energy

or to learn more about Chakras, listen to Chakra Truths


Grateful for the Healing Power…

The School of Chi Energy

presents a Second Year Student’s testimonial on:

Healing at Extreme Levels with Chi Energy

  • Learn how a current 2nd Year student in the School, used her chi energy to heal her own body from some nasty burns.
  • Listen to how her chi training helped her to turn a very bad situation into a healing one.
  • Listen to Sifu Cicero explain that these type of events are not unique, but are actually expected occurrences, while learning high level chi techniques.

For more information please visit: The School of Chi Energy

A Unique Energy Healing method

The School of Chi Energy Presents a Seminar on:

A Unique High Level Energy Method

Listen now or download “A Unique Energy Healing Method” mp3 seminar

  • Listen to how this energy method is different then others you might have tried.
  • Hear how our training method can get you ready for extreme abilities.
  • Check out how this way creates a precision other systems can’t duplicate.

To learn more please visit: The School of Chi Energy

Energy Healing Tones and Weight of our Words…

 The School of Chi Energy discusses below how the latest in science discoveries supports how high level energy work affects the tone of our voice.

Recently I came across an article that explained to me, in great detail, the importance of being mindful with regards to our tone of voice and; why Sifus Jones and Cicero place great importance on this concept for those of us actively engaged in this training.  Over the years, I have found myself the recipient of negative feedback in one form or another, both at home and at the office. The need to recalibrate, especially with regards to temperature and softness of chi energy forms, was something that I was readily able to grasp.

Sifu Jones pointed out several times that, regardless of my intentions or word choice, I was undoing myself. It was more often than not that the cause of my woes was directly related to my tone of voice.

I had an intellectual understanding of sound being a mechanical wave, and that this particular method of chi training would excite these waves exponentially. Even with the haptic feedback, as it were, that I would experience from those on the receiving end of my words, I did not have a true understanding until recently.

The title says it all: “Bristol University develops 3-D touchable hologram technology” – published on

The simple statement contained in the article gave light to the gentle prodding of Sifu Cicero and weight to the words Sifu Jones was trying to get across to me over these past few years: “The device they created makes patterns in mid-air with focused ultrasound. The air disturbances are focused enough that a person can feel them.”

Without being mindful of my tones, I was not controlling the subsequent electrical magnetic energy forms being created by my sound waves with my own tone of voice. For most people in day to day life, physically feeling the words spoken by another human is something that does not intuitively makes sense. It hurts our sensibilities. Left haphazard, the beneficial results of the School of Chi Energy Circular method will have the reverse effect and tend to be similar to pointy javelins as opposed to soft and comfortable blankets that envelope and snuggle. On a conscious level, they may not understand what is happening, but subconsciously, they understood that whatever the discomfort, I was the cause.

And even now, although what feels like I have had a moment of clarity; I am thinking I have finally been able to perceive the tip of this particular iceberg. I am excited now more than ever, as I can see the importance of using the correct energy healing tones and forms when speaking. Knowing that shapes can be formed out of sound waves, methinks it is time to stack the deck in everyone’s favor. Win. WIN!

Be well and; enjoy the journey.
Don E. Brown II, MSIS
Instructor at The School of Chi Energy

Eyes View the Invisible Energy Spectrum

Instructor Sifu Brown from The School of Chi Energy discusses below how the latest in science discoveries supports light seen at the invisible level.

I recently came across an article that explained a phenomenon that I began experiencing personally; one which Sifu Jones assured me would take place over time.  Earlier in my Chi Energy training, Sifu Jones taught me to “visualize” and build chi energy into specialized forms. Chi Energy is bioenergy, which are biophotons a form of light.  He further explained that, in conjunction with the attributes of the energy form, the form itself is built by the clumping of the subatomic particles. It was difficult to visualize the form, holding the image in my mind’s eye; equally as challenging was being mindful of the cool temperature and good feeling attributes. I was skeptical, quietly convinced that I would never really “see” the biophotons and that the end goal would be a very clear mental picture of the image I was visualizing – nothing tangible regarding my physical self.

One of my favorite things that Sifu Jones said to me during my early days of training was: Follow my step by step method, and if you can, prove me wrong.  Many times I have had to go back to him and apologize, having been unable to do so. Following his instructions, everything he has said has certainly come to pass along with being able to see the energy forms with my physical eye.  This has been happening for some time now, and I recently came across an article that explains that which is taking place – further proving the science behind Sifu Jones’ methodology as not only sound, but ground breaking.

In a recent postings on and, we find that researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that when the light sensing cells of retinas get a double hit of infrared energy, our eyes are able to detect light that falls outside of our [traditional] visible spectrum. The article “The Human eye can see Invisible Infrared Light” on explains in detail:

“Normally, a particle of light, called a photon, is absorbed by the retina, which then creates a molecule called a photopigment, which begins the process of converting light into vision. In standard vision, each of a large number of photopigments absorbs a single photon. But packing a lot of photons in a short pulse of the rapidly pulsing laser light makes it possible for two photons to be absorbed at one time by a single photopigment, and the combined energy of the two light particles is enough to activate the pigment and allow the eye to see what normally is invisible.”

The concept of “packing photons together” is a recent echoing by the scientific community of Sifu Jones’ instructions of clumping biophotons together to create a chi energy form – instructions he provided me at the beginning of this journey. The same process, he assured, would also enable me to see the form.

It is natural to experience challenges in any curriculum. This is no different; in fact, I would wager more so than most. I would suggest that, during periods of what seems like stagnation, we quietly resolve to follow the roadmap of instructions provided by one who has gone before us; and smile, as the breakthroughs of professional scientists and the accompanying technologies confirm the truth which Sifu Jones has been living and teaching for years.

Be well and; enjoy the journey.
Don E. Brown II, MSIS
Instructor at The School of Chi Energy

Energy Healing and the Spirit’s Approval

The School of Chi Energy

Energy Healing and the Spirit’s Approval

The School of Chi Energy Presents a Q & A

Here is a question by a Third Year Student looking for advice from the School of Chi Energy Instructors:

The student says, I need your help on a few things that I have got going on. First, I need your advice with helping a five year old child. Both of her parents suffer from asthma and various respiratory problems. The child was admitted to the hospital with a bad lung infection and blocked nasal passages.  I used healing techniques on the child while she was in the hospital and found out that she was able to be released within 72 hours.  Sifu, I want to know how to cure the girl totally.

Second, I have been asked by a friend to help his mother who is sick all the time.  No one knows how, but the other night the mother came to me in spirit form, but I could not understand her.  I felt that something was very wrong because I felt a strong negative energy around her that someone seemed to be sending her.  So, I used healing techniques on her, but she had a relapse, which is why I’m asking you for your advice on how to resolve this problem.  What do you think I should do?

Sifu Jones’ answer to the Third Year student:

We have shown you in the School how to perform healings on someone else.  We have also told you that healings are something that the individual that is being healed has to be a part of too. The person’s spirit is as important to what is happening there, as the healer, who is sending healing energy their way.

The person’s body you are trying to heal has a spirit inside them too and the spirit will determine whether they get healed or not. If you can also get that person’s spirit to agree to the healing you want to do, then the healing will take place. So, you can try to get the actual person to say they want to be healed to you if you can, but that doesn’t guarantee success that they will be healed.

If their spirit doesn’t want to be healed, that person’s body won’t be healed. God gave that spirit that particular body and you have to go thru the spirit on such things as healings. Yes, even for little kids and babies. To get the spirit behind your efforts, you simply ask their spirit too, in a good feeling & cool way. Sometimes, you will get a feeling of an answer and sometimes not. Spirit beings like us, talk in a telepathic way to each other, so you do the same to their spirit.

The main thing to do is to perform the healings by the numbers like you have been taught, expecting everything to turn out in the right way. I can usually tell if a healing will take place by how well I can see the images of the “energy form” I would guide thru a person’s body, after I have asked that person’s spirit for permission.  If I see the energy form really well the healing usually takes place.  If I don’t see the healing energy form well (no matter how hard I try to make the energy form come in really well), then that’s their spirit telling you they do not want to be healed. If their spirit decides that they don’t want to be healed, you won’t be able to help them much, no matter what you do.

A person’s spirit runs their body, it’s not the other way around.  If you do your job, just like you were trained to do, then that’s all you can do.  Not every spirit being wants their body to be healed, yet you sure can help those spirit beings that do want your help in healing. Thanks.

Sifu Jones
Chi Energy Instructor

For More Information please click this link to learn how Energy Cultivation can bring out your Spirit

Qigong and Energy Healing

The School of Chi Energy

Qigong and Energy Healing

At the School of Chi Energy, we are often asked if we have something against traditional Chi Gung or Qi Gong styles because we have said we do not teach those kinds of techniques in our school, even though we personally studied some of the different styles of chi gong. So, I wanted to clarify what we mean in a better way, so there is no longer that misunderstanding.

For those people that are looking for something to improve their overall health, then we do think one of the over 9000 different chi gong styles available should provide you with that. Traditional styles were designed to build up your body’s blood circulation, thus improving a person’s overall health & vigor.

But, what we found out through our own research is if you want to cultivate large amounts of energy and be able to handle & store it effectively without having to go thru bad feeling side effects, it is through building up your body’s electrical or nervous system that you can do that. Your body’s nervous system is wired from your brain on and goes throughout your whole entire body reaching every part of it, so that communications take place. This energy that it uses is the same thing people call “chi energy”. This “chi” or bioenergy that the body emits in the way of bio-photons naturally can be cultivated in much larger amounts than normal when you know the procedure.

In our School of Chi Energy, we show students how they can strengthen their body’s nerve fibers, so that they will emit more bio-photons by performing a simply low aerobic impact energy exercise for only 20 minutes a day. We then show students how this newly buildup energy can be used for enhanced psychic abilities. Please refer to our School of Chi Energy Catalog to learn the type of abilities a student learns to bring out of them self.

At the school, students learn a new and more powerful energy exercise every six months of their chi training. We time the more powerful exercises like that, so a person’s body & mind can get use to the energy build up it is experiencing. Then they learn sensitivity training exercises that teach the student, whether they are staying in control of their energy that they are building up adequately.

Since each of these energy exercises are really powerful and they get more powerful as a student learns, we found that going any faster than the time schedule we have in place, only leads to a student overloading their body with too much energy. In many other energy systems it may take a student many years before they would experience an energy overload, but with the method we teach, it would be easy to overload very quickly and why we have so many safe guards for the student in place.

By staying on a well planned out time schedule of performing the different energy exercises, as the student’s body is ready for them, we take the students to a much higher ability of projecting their “chi” and being able to use this energy in many different ways. We teach the student all about the different bad side effects that are possible when cultivating energy in a fast way and how to avoid the bad side effects in the first place.

So, it isn’t that we have anything against the traditional styles of chi gung, it’s just that those systems or methods will not lead you to the higher levels in energy work. But then, nobody I know that does chi gung claims that they do lead to the higher levels in energy work, where things like extreme abilities come out. Our School is one of the few places that will & do claim to teach you to the higher levels in energy work, where those extreme abilities we talk about will come out for you.

If you are ready to see what the latest medical & scientific research says about energy cultivation, then you should check out the research we conducted at our School of Chi Energy and find out if you too, would benefit from a program like ours.

Thank you,
Sifu Jones
Chi Energy Instructor

Chakra Energy Acupressure Manual and Charts

The School of Chi Energy

Chakra Energy Acupressure Manual and Charts

Plus, The Organ Balancing Energy Exercises

The School of Chi Energy Chakra Acupressure Manual and Charts were designed by Sifu Jones’ father Herschel Jones, a Commercial Artist, who created the Acupressure Chart and the Blue Chi Man Organ Poster back in the 1980s.  Both posters have been made available as generic downloads to anyone, who would like to use them by visiting the School of Chi Energy or clicking the link below.

At the School of Chi Energy, we teach our students how to project their bio-energy in a physical and tangible way.  The Chi Energy Cultivation Method teaches students how to perform a daily Nerve Fiber Building Energy exercise.  Thru the NFB daily repetition in a precise way, the student learns to transfer of a cool temperature and a good feeling type of emotional content into the biophotons.  Overtime the biophotons cling together with these attributes and become thick and dense while the student forms the biophotons into a specialized energy form.

Included on the page link below, you’ll find the free Organ Energy Balancing exercises which are just one of free techniques from the School of Chi Energy for the energy worker to download.  When a student enrolls they will learn how to build up this energy you’ll feel from the Organ Balancing Energy exercises with Nerve Fiber Energy Building.  They learn how to use the “Energy Formed” in many different types advanced ways and how healing techniques using ‘Formed Energy’ is powerfully unique at the online School of Chi Energy.

If you would like to download a simple two to five minute sensitivity exercise or get a copy of these above posters, visit the link: The School of Chi Energy Acupressure Manual, Charts and Organ Balancing Energy Exercises.

The Best Type of Energy Healing Student

What Type of Person Makes the Best Energy Healing Student?

We are often asked by people, what type of person makes the best kind of student for The School of Chi Energy? Which type of student excels the most in a school like this?  This short mp3 answers those questions and more.  We suspect quite a few people will be surprised by the answers they hear. Check it out, by listening to the embedded mp3 below or download the mp3 for your convenience.

Play now

or download: The Best Type of Energy Healing Student

We very much appreciate that you are taking the time to read this post. Here are other posts that The School of Chi Energy has written that can help the potential energy student:

Thank you, Sifu Jones and Sifu Cicero